Amanora Citizen's NO to double tax & NO Infra Charges till PMC issue resolved by Amanora

Amanora Citizen's NO to double tax & NO Infra Charges till PMC issue resolved by Amanora

1 August 2020
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Why this petition matters


1. Shri. Uddhav Thackeray, Hon'ble Chief Minister of Maharashtra.

2. Shri. Eknath Shinde, Hon'ble Urban Development Minister of Maharashtra.

3. Shri. Vikram Kumar, Commissioner of Pune Municipal Corporation, Pune.

Sub:- City Corporation (Amanora) Tax.

Ref: City Corporation and few like minded citizens of Amanora's alleged demand of lower tax.

Respected Sir/'s

We would like to draw your attention towards illegal, unethical and double jeopardise demand of tax from law abiding citizens of Amanora.

We the citizens of Amanora respectfully submits that, Amanora Park town is situated in Pune, Hadapsar and houses more than 4500 families. It was earlier under Sade Satra Nali Village Gram panchayat. It has been developed under township act and now comes under PMRDA. As per the information received from amanora now it's integrated Township. In between 2018 Sade Satra Nali village came under PMC with effect from 2018.

We further respectfully submit that, at the time of purchase of Flats, representative of Amanora informed us about 999 year's perpetual lease schemes. it was assured by Sales team of Amanora and concern authorised person from City Corporation to almost every citizen of Amanora that, since it is an independent township i.e. privately managed township therefore Amanora will manage the township and hence they will be charging infrastructure charges in respect of all the amenities like roads, lights, garden etc. which might be provided by local authority.

Further we respectfully submit that, Amanora Authorised persons assured all of us that there will be no any extra tax/charge will be applicable i.e. no local authority will charge you and its all our responsibility i. e. Amanora's responsibility.

We respectfully submit that, Amanora Management promised us and assured about the tax if any. However in fact Amanora Management has deliberately mentioned various negative covenants in their draft of Agreement which are not at all legally binding on us. It's completely one sided agreement which is in favour of Amanora only. In the agreement they are conveniently been silent on tax and made the wordings in their favour to shift their burden of future tax liability on citizens. We would like to draw your attention that, It is also a hard fact that all the builders makes one sided agreement and give no option to the citizens or buyers to change anything. Hence citing the agreement as a reason for payment of PMC tax by citizens is something we strongly protest against.

We respectfully submit that, So far in past the Gram panchayat of Sade Satra Nali, ZIlha Parishad, Pune conducted assessment for the period prior to assess previous arrears. Amanora Township Management has confirmed that, Gram panchayat dues have been lawfully cleared by Amanora as owner of property post agreement with Pune Municipal Corporation and all documents are in place related to this clearance of dues. Refer mail sent by Amanora to citizens on 16/07/2020 which is attached herewith for your information. Once Amanora agreed and accepted that they are owner of property and already they have paid property tax as an owner then how can PMC send bills to Citizens directly is the big question.

We submit that, after PMC took over the gram panchayat, they did assessment again and surprisingly started sending property tax bill to residents/citizens instead of Amanora/City Corporation.

We respectfully submit that, Amanora Township Management/ City Corporation based on their usual practice wants to shift their burden on law abiding citizens with support of their few like minded citizens which doesn't have any legal entity and without support of the majority of citizens or even significant no’s, have started indulging with meetings with PMC officials and TM and MLA's and MP’s to try and negotiate the PMC tax and have given their consent to agree for a lower tax.

We respectfully submit that, Amanora Township/City Corporation clearly do not have any support from citizens at large which has a clear vision of No double jeopardise/ tax to be paid to PMC while we are paying to Amanora as Lessee. We are respectfully stated that, PMC tax liability is always on Amanora / City Corporation only as they are owners of property, therefore the issue of tax is between Amanora/City Corporation and PMC and we bonafide law abiding citizens have nothing to do about it. Moreover this issue of PMC tax liabilty, TM's eagerness to pass on lower tax liability to citizen and the discussions with PMC along with few of favourite citizens  was never brought to our attention untill we saw the communication in this regard by TM 2 days ago.

At these tough times of Covid, we strongly condemn actions taken by both PMC and Amanora Township Management.

Hence it is prayed that,
Give justice to the law abiding citizens of Amanora near about 4500 families. We do believe you will look into this issue and instruct immediate withdrawal of PMC tax claims sent to citizens and also would request you to instruct Township management of Amanora to amicably resolve this issue with PMC and do not shift the burden on Citizens.

We the bonafide citizens of Amanora who feel cheated here by Amanora management and their own sales team, hence will not be paying any infrastructure charges to Amanora Township Management till the time PMC and other issues raised by us in various forums are resolved by them including the current one on double jeopardise tax with PMC.

Thank You and appreciate your time reading through this.

Jai Maharashtra!

Jai Bharat!

Vande Mataram!

Aggrieved Amanora Residents - Volunteers

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Signatures: 703Next Goal: 1,000
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