Dear CM, Keep Goa Safe from COVID-19, Make tests compulsory, for all those entering Goa.

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Goa has been lucky and remains to have a very low count of Covid -19 positive cases. More importantly we have not had any community transmission so far.
This has been because of the excellent effort of our Government, ensuring that all those entering the state are tested and only once the results are confirmed negative they have been allowed to go home, and observe a self quarantine for 14 days.

The new SOP issued by the CMO has an option to bypass this best practice, This could result in the beginning of community transmission within the state. There are three options available to people coming in (a) carry a negative Covid 19 certificate; (b) get tested on arrival on payment of Rs. 2000 and remain in institutional quarantine till the test results are out and (c) for those who can’t pay Rs. 2000 can opt for 14 day home quarantine.

We appeal to our Hon. CM to review this 
Option (c) should not be offered as there will be no way of ensuring that the quarantine is followed properly. We do not have the resources to ensure the follow up.
Option b) should be tightened. Every individual coming in to Goa must be tested. The person should be under government quarantine until the test results come. This is the current practice and ensures that anyone who turns out to be positive doesn’t infect others in the interim period (that is between the test and the result).
Option a) should be completely disallowed as it opens a possibility for someone to have contacted the virus after having done the test and before landing in Goa. This person may be Asymptomatic at arrival but could transmit the virus within the community.

We sincerely request our Hon CM to review the SOP, and reinstate the best practice of making testing mandatory for all those entering the state, which has been recognised by both national government and other state governments. Infact many states have taken the cue from Goa and have made testing at arrival mandatory.