Disbar/Revoke the law license of St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner!

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Irrespective of the guilt or innocence of Missouri Governor Eric Robert Greitens, the underhanded tactics being employed by St. Louis City Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner are irresponsible, reprehensible, and unethical.

Gardner, a liberal Democrat who rose to prominence as St. Louis Circuit Attorney (though wholly unqualified for the position) during the Ferguson fiasco by bashing cops, filed a felony case against the sitting governor (coincidentally a Republican) the day before the statute of limitations was to expire and WITHOUT A COMPLAINANT (VICTIM) OR ANY SHRED OF PHYSICAL EVIDENCE.  In short, she did not have probable cause, let alone a submissible case.  Only after what was likely a biased (i.e. demographically representative of St. Louis City — liberal, all-black) Grand Jury returned an Indictment did she bother tracking down the “victim.”  This is the same victim that lived a lie by cheating on her husband repeatedly over the span of many months.

After sending the case through the Grand Gury (where no judge or defense attorneys are present, and where the prosecutor gets to inject all kinds of hearsay), Gardner hired Mr. William Tisaby of the private investigative firm, Enterra, LLC, out of Michigan, to stand in place of the police as the principal (sole) investigator.  Gardner agreed to pay Tisaby $250.00 per hour for his services after a $10,000 retainer...all at taxpayer expense!

If that were not enough, she then hired Professor Ronald S. Sullivan, Jr., of Harvard University, as “Special Counsel”...also at taxpayer expense.  Notwithstanding that she does not have the legal authority to hire a “special prosecutor,” she has no conflict and has capable prosecutors working under her (she herself is nothing but a politician).

Ask any practicing attorney, this is unheard of!  Did Bob McCulloch of St. Louis County hire a PI or a black Harvard professor in the Michael Brown case?  No!

It is no coincidence that Gardner, Tisaby, and Sullivan are all liberal (black) Democrats.  So, too, is Gardner’s First Assistant Circuit Attorney, Robert Steele, who is helping prosecute the case.  And it is highly suspect that all are going to such great lengths to assassinate the character and professional aspirations of a conservative Republican.

Whether Greitens is guilty or not, this smacks of partisan politics and reverse racism.  In that Gardner came to be St. Louis Circuit Attorney by rallying the disaffected inner-City blacks of St. Louis City and stoking the fires of hatred borne out of the Black Lives Matter movement, little wonder that she is continuing the crusade of “sticking it to the (white) man” by and through her elected office.

It is therefore that we are petitioning the Office of the Chief Disciplinary Counsel and the Missouri Supreme Court to disbar/revoke the law licenses of Gardner, Steele, and Sullivan, and send Tisaby back to Michigan. 

Politics should play no part in the pursuit of justice!


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