Postpone NYU 2020 Commencement

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We understand that this is a difficult time for everyone, including the decision-making committee at NYU. In light of the federal+state government's recommendation of gatherings with more than 50 people to be canceled or postponed for the next eight weeks as well as schools canceling or opting for online graduation ceremonies, we ask for NYU 2020 commencement to be postponed until the COVID-19 crisis is under control, eg late summer, instead of opting for an online commencement.

We deeply believe that the graduating class of 2020 deserve to walk across that stage with dignity and conviction, as we fulfill our shared dream to properly graduate from this establishment after 4 years of sacrifice and hard work. 

Please do not subject us to online graduation to end this once in a lifetime journey. This petition will suggest most students would rather wait.

Class of 2020, you can send an email to Andy Hamilton personally. The draft above was written by Johaan Abraham. 

Brown University: Maintaining our community and reuniting for Commencement & Reunion

"To our graduating students: This is not the final semester at Brown that you had imagined, and I’m sorry for that. I have been receiving many questions about Commencement. We will make a call no later than March 27 on whether we can hold Commencement and Reunion Weekend over Memorial Day weekend, as usual. But, I promise you that, if we can’t hold Commencement and Reunion at the traditional time, it will be postponed and not cancelled.

One of the great things about Brown is that, while we love our traditions, we are not afraid to improvise. You will have the opportunity to celebrate at Campus Dance and march out through the Van Wickle Gates, while all of us cheer you on. It’s not a question of whether, but when. (Of course, even if the Commencement ceremony is postponed, you will still be formally awarded your degrees at the usual time, so you can move ahead with jobs and graduate school plans.)"

Georgetown University Postpones 2020 Commencement

"For each Georgetown student, the experience of Commencement represents the culmination of years of work and significant academic achievement. Commencement provides all of us with a way to gather to recognize the achievements of our students and their contributions to the life of our community. Each Class has the privilege of sharing this experience together—of celebrating, with joy and excitement, individual and collective accomplishments and the future work that our students will pursue, shaped by their formation at Georgetown.

I share this information with you today to reassure you that we are committed to holding Commencement ceremonies and to ensure that our students and families have as much time to prepare as possible."

The Daily Pennsylvanian: Penn, postpone Commencement for the Class of 2020

"Commencement is important not only to students but to families as well, as it is one of the few opportunities many families have to visit Penn’s campus. At an on-campus Commencement, family members have the chance to meet students’ friends, teachers, and mentors. Students are able to better share a significant portion of their lives with the people they are close to, as well as recognizing the efforts and sacrifices from their loved ones that helped them get to Penn. This experience cannot be fully recreated in a virtual ceremony.  

Even while taking necessary steps to combat coronavirus, Penn should look out for the Class of 2020 and ensure that students’ experiences are not completely disrupted. Penn seniors have already lost out on other traditions and opportunities to conclude their college experiences. Penn, don’t let them lose commencement too. " 

Daily Bruin: For seniors, an online spring quarter means an incomplete college experience

"The preformed memories I had spent daydreaming of for the past year vanished. Since I first stepped onto campus my freshman year, I dreamed of walking into commencement, drunk off the future’s adrenaline with my friends. I had always previewed different graduation cap decoration ideas in my head.

In the end I had decided on this: I would use a copy of the Daily Bruin as the cap’s base. Then, I’d write “Cảm ơn bố mẹ.”

It means “Thank you, Mom and Dad” in Vietnamese.

I’ve always had a photo of my dad at his college graduation on my bedroom wall. He said that he never saw my grandmother happier than on his graduation day.

I can only dream of how happy he would have been at mine."


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