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End The Mass Murder Of Kangaroos

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The Kangaroo an iconic animal of Australia is treated like a rodent. Farmers consider them to be pests and shoot them on sight. Not only is it legal, the government encourages it with annual culling. Each year hordes of Kangaroos die in a government sanction mass murder. In 2016 alone, 1.6 million kangaroos were culled.

The mother Kangaroos are shot with bullets, death takes hours. If the baby Kangaroo (Joeys) are still alive, hunters cave their skull in. As a matter of fact, this method is recommended as the most "humane". Data shows that due to the mass killings only 60% of all Kangaroos will reach adulthood.

The dead Kangaroo are turned into meat, footballs, soccer boots and other fashion accessories. Turning the massacre of Kangaroos into a multi-million dollar industry. The government of Australia has essentially turned the murder of Kangaroos into a profit-generating machine. A business built on the death of innocent animals.

Papers published by prominent scientists have shown that the Kangaroo population is in decline, yet the government continues their annual killing. If this continues the Kangaroo like the Tasmanian Tiger will be hunted to extinction.

There will come a day where Australia's most iconic animal is nothing more than a distant memory. You can stop that. Please sign and share to voice your opposition against the senseless murder of Australia's most iconic animal.

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