Stop Coinmaster from glorifying gambling and selling it to kids!

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Coin Master is an iOS/Android application in which players spin a slot machine in order to win coins, shields and weapons to attack other villages. The application uses Facebook to connect players with eachother and encourage ‘friendly rivalry’ via its gambling and raiding mechanics.

Currently rated at 12+ on the AppStore, the game allows players to purchase ‘spins’ for the slot machine, akin to gambling on pokies at the club. Moon Active, the publisher of the game, makes no effort to regulate the sale of online gambling products to children and actively promotes In App Purchases related to gambling no matter the players age.

As a member of the Australian community, I believe it is our duty to ensure our children are kept safe from the gambling aspects of the game and strongly urge Moon Active and Apple to increase the age limit for the game to 18+ and seek to prompt government reform on the issue of gambling in video games.