Shut down the horrific dog pound in Constanza, Romania!

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Thousands of stray dogs are brutally caught and then kept  in appalling conditions in Green Life recycling kennel based in Ovidiu, near Constanza (Romania). The dogs who don't die during the following 14 days because of infectious diseases are then "put to sleep".

Green Life Recycling receives huge amounts of public funds to run the place but dogs are left to die in agony when sick and minimum standards set by Romanian law are constantly breached.

We demand the Ministry of Agriculture, the National Veterinary Authority ANSVSA and the local Vet Authority DSVSA to remove the authorizations to Green Life Recycling - no matter if they became an "NGO" on papers - and to guarantee that welfare standards are fullfilled by this facility, as well as by all the others scattered in the country (Alexandria, Buzau, Craiova among others).

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