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Offer Organic and Non-GMO Meal Options At Disney Resorts Worldwide.

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On a recent family trip to Disney World in Orlando, FL. we were unable to find a single Disney restaurant that offered organic & Non-GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) meal options. It was upsetting to us, esp. in light of the recent report by the American Academy of Pediatrics  that indicates pediatricians are urging parents to choose organic food to reduce kids' exposure to pesticides.  According to Joel Forman, an associate professor of pediatrics at Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York and a lead author of the report:  "Clearly if you eat organic produce, you have fewer pesticides in your body. Children – esp. young children whose brains are developing – are uniquely vulnerable to chemical exposures.”  As Disney Resorts caters to families with young children, it is imperative that Disney offers meal choices that allow families to “eat conscientiously” - protecting their health and safeguarding the environment.

Disney should use its enormous buying power to offer its guests organic & Non-GMO meal options.  Disney must be commended for its gluten free meal offerings - even going so far as to have the chef come directly to the table to discuss the menu!  Now is the time for Disney to offer a more wholesome option - organic & Non-GMO meals at Disney Resorts worldwide. Should it choose to do so, Disney will be a trailblazer, investing in a healthier future for its customers, safeguarding the environment and undoubtedly boosting its shareholders’ financial interests.

According to the Non-GMO Project:  "GMOs are labeled or banned in 64 other countries, but here in the U.S., unlabeled genetically engineered ingredients are present in approximately 75 percent of conventional processed foods. With more than 30 states now working on GMO labeling legislation, it's clear that Americans are concerned about GMOs".  Disney could capitalize on visitors’ heighten awareness of what they eat and provide wholesome alternatives in the form of organic & Non-GMO meals.

According to organizations such as Food and Water and Beyond, GMO crops grown in the conventional manner (with pesticides and herbicides) have a devastating  impact on the overall health of the planet -- contaminating groundwater, destroying essential soil nutrients and increasing the prevalence of out-of-control  herbicide-resistant weeds, known as “Superweeds”. Superweeds require more toxic chemicals, which ultimately puts the health of the farmer, the consumer & the environment at risk. Pesticides also contribute to the mysterious die-off of pollinating honeybees, thereby threatening the U.S. food supply.

Offering wholesome organic / Non-GMO meals to Disney visitors ensures: a healthier environment, healthier people and ultimately, going forward a healthier bottom line for Disney.



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