Manus Island Refugee Crisis - Support the MEDIVAC BILL

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Dear Senator Jacqui Lambie,

I've just heard that suicide attempts on Manus Island are increasing. I wish to appeal to the values of compassion, love, and integrity which are part of this democracy, and emphasize that Australia must no longer continue to treat the asylum seekers left languishing on Manus and Nauru Islands as though they are less than human.

These brothers and sisters on Manus Island must see some hope. You have the rare privilege to be able to change people's lives for the better.

We urge that you fully, humanely, and correctly support maintaining the Medivac Bill, and not to vote in support of its repeal, should that come to the Senate. We know that the Government will need your support to pass a repeal of the Medivac Bill.

And we urge that you speedily implement real-life plans for the kind and appropriate resettlement of these already over-tortured brothers and sisters of ours. All of them. I appeal to your kindness, and your compassion - values that I'm sure you wish to embody.

We also recommend strongly that at last the development of humane Refugee Law go forward. Looking forward to hearing your response.


Susan Wirawan, Claudio Li Calzi

P.s. Read what is the Medivac Bill and how it can help refugees: