Of our 650 MPs only 192 are women and 458 are men. We want better gender balance!

Join us in asking for more women at Westminster, sign this petition!

Women are the majority in life but a minority in Parliament. Although the current Prime Minister is a woman, the fact remains that of our 650 MPs, only 192 are women and 458 (70%) are men.

Men outnumber women by 140%, that is more than 2:1.

There are still more men in the Commons than there have EVER been women MPs. The Lords has around 600 men and 200 women. 

The statistics indicate that the system still isn't working for women. There is a democratic deficit. 

This matters, because, just like men, women have a wide range of experience and skills. 50:50 Parliament would like Parliament to draw upon the widest possible pool of talent, including the 32 million UK women. “We know that when women are in parliament…it builds more resilient, responsive, better informed institutions.” Prof Ngaire Woods. Parliament is meant to be a representative body and representation shapes policy. Parliament should be leading the way, spearheading the changes required, for gender equality and respect for women. 

Good gender balance would be better for everyone.

50:50 Parliament is calling upon all Party Leaders for solutions to this historic problem. They have the power to sort it out.

This is what our letter says:

"All Party Leaders and Parliament,

We need a more gender balanced House of Commons, around 50:50 men and women. Please collaborate and do something: debate and take action to make Parliament more gender balanced, like life."

50:50 Parliament has a clear aspiration:

  • better gender balance at Westminster,
  • one way or another,
  • sooner rather than later.

50:50 Parliament is an inclusive, cross party, non-partisan campaign that has the support of  people from across the UK. We also run an Ambassador Programme to inspire interest and engagement with politics, please complete our online form if you would like to become involved. 

Only 133 women MPs are needed to get equality in the Commons; this is not a big ask from a population of 32 million women and would amount to total representation of 1 in 100,000.

Women make a massive contribution to society with their paid and unpaid work, they merit fair inclusion.

It is time to right this historic wrong.

We want to see men and women running the country and planning our future, together, in more equal numbers. If you agree that nearly 100 years after women gained the right to vote it's time they had more seats in Parliament please sign now and help us ask Parliament to confront this pressing issue.

Thank you.

Frances, Sadaf, Brian, Tina, Charlie and Nathalie

#5050Parliament Team

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