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Amend Of Kings and Men's Steam Store Page

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We, the community of Of Kings and Men, believe Green Man Gaming is guilty of gross negligence in failing to keep OKAM's Steam store page up to date thereby they have severely damaged and continue to damage the game. 

In reviewing the Steam store page it is evident that the introductory paragraph is completely misguided, 4 out of the 6 key bullet points about the game are incorrect. The roadmap presented is absolutely outdated giving false information to players reviewing an already mixed reviewed game. This is not acceptable for months on end. New players seeing this information are actively mislead by the false advertisement. 

Lots of details still refer to the Donkey Crew as the current development team with no hints of the new team replacing them, this is unacceptable and creates further confusion. 

The community understands that the game is an early access, meaning the game is in an ever changing and developing state. Understandably keeping the page up-to-date could be challenging, but it does not make up for the fact that the game is being misrepresented with the lack information about OKAM's original direction, its end goals and how they have shifted with the introduction of the new development team.

The Petition, will be sent via ticket to Green Man Gaming's Customer Support, this is the most direct route of contact we have available to us.

If the community still feels that there has been a lack of development after the Petition has been sent we will look further into how we can best encourage GMG to amend the page such as contacting Steam and the Advertising Standards Authority. We hope that it does not come to this and progress can be made.

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