Say NO to the usage and promotion of dangerous chemical fertilizers and pesticides

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The so called 'Green revolution' started in 1960 in India was aiming at improving the quantity of production to attain the basic necessity to feed, has been now finally realized extremely detrimental to the entire mass, their health and the environment.

The readers should focus on the fact that India was able to feed it's ever growing population before the British came to India as well as the Western countries propagated their theory of increased yield through the application of chemical fertilizers and pesticides on the agricultural field. The farmers now understand the real danger of the usage of chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

1. They reduce the amount of humus in the soil important for the plant's growth.

2. The need to fertilize the field day by day increases to meet the same amount of production and slowly the field becomes 'dead' by the loss of micro-nutrients in the soil because of the heavy doses of fertilizers over a period of time.

3. The earthworms required in the soil to provide enough 'space' for the plant's growth is also restricted as these dangerous chemicals kill them systematically.

4. The growth of weeds (unwanted crops) increases by the usage of GMO seeds. The seeds are designed to produce weeds so that the chemicals can be purchased from them to kill them - to create a never ending dependency on the producers. The farmers take loan to purchase these costly chemicals from shops and increases their liability towards paying the loan. The many recent cases of farmers' suicides prove this fact.

5. The chemically grown food looks much better from outside but has lots of chemical content way above their permissible limits for consumption and creates long-term hidden diseases in the consumers' body over a period of time very late to be diagnosed and cured.


1. Go back to nature to produce the food natural way.

2. Use organic manure prepared from Local cow dung and urine.

3. Fertilizers and pesticides created from local cow dung, urine, neem leaves etc creates a sense of sustainability in the entire environment, agricultural fields and the human body that improves in time rater than decaying.

4. The usage of these does not create a liability on the farmers' pocket but improves their earning by reducing the input cost. Their usage also limits the farmers to stop fertilizing their land as the land attains sustainability after a limited usage of these organic manure.

5. Slowly, the farmer attain a phase of no-dependency and improve their living condition through farming.

6. This will also slowly reduce the state's dependency on the borrowing to satisfy the heavy demand of chemicals from the western companies and improve the earning potential of the state.


We want the Odisha government to

1. Take necessary action to STOP the usage of chemicals in agricultural fields.

2. Stop propagating the chemical fertilizers and methods through the Govt and Private Universities throughout the state.

3. Accept and adopt the methods of organic farming through no usage of chemicals on the fields.

4. Train the farmers on specific methods to adopt organic farming.

5. Provide required and related subsidies over and top of the current schemes to encourage the farmers towards organic farming.

6. Establish a recognize University in the state to perform the above task through an immediate task-force for implementation throughout the state of Odisha.

We urge everybody to support us in reaching to the highest authority in the state for immediate and effective action.