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Make The oDesk Marketplace Fair For Everyone

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I have worked for oDesk for several years now, and even though I do enjoy working from home, everyday I am faced with unfair working conditions. Despite numerous emails and phone calls to the corporate office over the years, my concerns have been ingnored and oDesk continues to look the other way and do nothing to improve the job market.

The clients on oDesk know how to manipulate the oDesk User Agreement to take advantage of the contractors that are trying to make a living from home.
Although oDesk is a US based company, the job market is extremely unfair to US workers.

Some examples of how the oDesk Marketplace is unfair are:
1 - No minimum wage requirements in place.
It is hard to find work when you have to compete with contractors that are willing to work for 50 cents per hour.
2 - Racism & Discrimination.
Some employers list jobs and specify that they will only hire certain types of applicants. Requirements like "FEMALES ONLY" "PHIlLIPINOS ONLY" or "MUST BE BETWEEN THE AGES OF 19-25" just to name of few are some of the comments you will find in job postings on oDesk.
3. No Guaranteed Payment for Fixed Price Jobs.
Recently my husband did a fixed rate job on oDesk. After being hired, the employer asked him to do twice the amount of work that was originally agreed to and did not pay him for it. He contacted oDesk and their response was "Fixed price jobs are not guarenteed."
4. Minimum payment of $1.00 must be made in order to leave feedback.
It is bad enough that my husband was not paid for his work, but now he cannot even leave feedback so that future applicants can have a Complete & Honest overview of the employers reputation.

The oDesk Marketplace has many flaws, and continues to get worse every year.

I want to see a fair marketplace for all of oDesk's contractors. Discrimination, fraud, and employers using contractors to get free work are not a way to do business. But until oDesk steps up and changes the "Work at your own risk" Policies they have in place nothing is going to change.

I am asking oDesk to:

1 - Gives us the same guarentee on fixed price jobs as they do on hourly jobs.

2 - Once a contractor is hired, they should be able to leave feedback regardless if a payment was made, to describe their experience so future applicants can have a complete history of the potential employer.

3 - Stop allowing employers to use racism and discrimination in their job postings.

4 - oDesk is based in the USA, employers in the US should not be allowed to ask employees to work for less than minimum wage. They can't do it if they hire us at their office, why should they be able to do it here?

Make oDesk a fair place for everyone!

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