Neutering Spanish feral cat colonies

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We have a large UK charity that is prepared to send vets and veterinary nurses to run a continuing feral cat trap neuter and return “TNR” campaign, that could cover a 100 mile radius of Mojácar. We have the premises large enough to cope with this huge on-going campaign and we have a local vet that is interested in heading the campaign.

But what we do NOT have is the support and help from the town halls and the 'Colegio oficial de Veterinarios Almería' (Veterinary college in Almería).

We could save 1000's of cats from suffering and endless unwanted kittens being born into disease and starvation.

How TNR works.
People feed local feral cat colonies out of kindness because the cats and kittens look emaciated and in poor health. The cats depend on being fed and in return produce larger litters and the whole cycle repeats itself. The cats in these colonies are trapped in special cages, then taken to the vet clinic and neutered. They are also treated for any illness and a small notch is put in the ear to identify they have been through the TNR system. When they have recovered from the neutering they are returned to the colony they came from. This reduces the endless number of kittens being born, improves the health of the cat colony, stops males scent
marking and fighting. The people continue to feed the cats and the whole future is better.

Conventional methods are to lace food with poison indiscriminately killing domestic cats and street dogs.