Multi user support on Oculus Quest

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Oculus Quest is a fantastic device, which is marketed as a device to share with friends and family. Its portability encourages users to bring the device to work and friends places and show off the wonders of VR.  

The Quest has been marketed as the worlds first VR console.  But its missing an important feature.  

Multi User Support.

For example,  my wife & I picked up the Oculus Quest. (Im already a rift owner and have quite alot of games already).  And we were shocked that after buying beat saber and Superhot that I couldn't log out and have her log in. The device is tied to the account that first activated it.

Whats worse is that even if she could log in the games that I clearly installed on the device would not show up for her.  This is completely unacceptable .  I bought a Nintendo Switch and we both use it and have our own profile settings, game saves etc.  

Not to mention that if I take the Quest to a friends house to show off,  they cant play it from the beginning, they would be either using my save file, or i'd have to start over from the beginning. 

This decision is a major deal breaker and only hurts the mass adoption of VR.  You say you want a billion users in VR, the way to do that is NOT to have every family member have to buy a headset to use it.