Give Christa McAuliffe Elementary the upgrade we have been promised!

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In 2008 Oceanside Unified School District passed Proposition H, a bond that promised to upgrade a large number of our outdated and unsafe schools. Among the schools promised an upgrade, Christa McAuliffe Elementary School has been allotted $0.8 million to give the facilities a "facelift" as well as a full renovation of our playgrounds. 

While we have had a recession in Southern California and earned less from the bond than anticipated, OUSD still has approximately $65 million left of the bond measure to spend. In attending Bond Oversight meetings we've discovered that OUSD does NOT plan to complete the upgrades, or even plan to do some level of upgrade to all schools, but only plans to complete the schools it deems most in need. 

Of the schools left on the list, McAuliffe has the smallest allotted amount by a long pace... most ranging over $10 million. So far we've added a $25 million state of the arts performing center, and we're planning on demolishing several schools with low census in an effort to increase enrollment... but the district has not deemed our school in need enough. While there have been complaints about safety to the district, there has not been "enough" injury due to the equipment to justify upgrade ... yet. 

Our school is in bad need of repair, particularly to our playgrounds. We understand that we need a lot less than other schools, but our playgrounds are grossly unsafe and unsanitary. At present, many of our play structures are 30+ years old and are being continually repaired past their life resulting in sharp open areas causing wounds, corrosion at joints which could result in an equipment failure, and extreme temperatures resulting in unusable equipment over 80 degrees outside. Our sand play areas are infested with sand mites causing bites, cat and dog feces, and possibly bacteria from flooding that happens during every rain and can sit for up to several weeks. Several large play structures have been removed due to breaking or injuries, but no replacements have been provided and our playground is disappearing little by little. 

We want our district to perform on the bond that we were promised. We are not asking for anything more than we were told we would receive when we went to vote. Our district needs to act NOW for the safety of our children. Our school has amazing teachers, staff, volunteers, and energy... but we need them to fix our outdoor areas so our children have a safe and clean environment to play and explore. Please help us to show OUSD that our playground isn't just a frivolous cost, but an area we need to sustain our school and create a learning and thriving environment. 

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