Free the Shanghai Haichang Ocean Park Orcas from a Life of Torture and Misery

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Ocean Park in Shanghai Haichang was opened in November 2018. It holds captive 4 Orcas, 2 females and 2 males. These Orcas are suffering. 

The youngest male has extensive scarring, in December 2018 he was covered in rake marks (marks created by Orcas done by dragging their teeth along other Orcas skin sometimes drawing blood) and they are becoming much deeper and intense since June. 

One of the females has been seen swallowing a rope that is attached to a float and then allowing it to come back up and also vomited the contents of her stomach. This is a sign of bulimia and is self harming. It was said it happened twice within 1 hour in June 2019. 

There are signs that the park plan on breeding these Orcas, meaning that there will be more Orcas in captivity from a younger age most likely separated from their parents. 

SeaWorld clearly has some relationship with the Park as people have seen a member of staff wearing a SeaWorld jacket and training whistle and the creative director for SeaWorld, Steve Welch, also worked with Ocean Park. 

All evidence proves Orca's don't do well in captivity, Cetaceans have cognitive complexity meaning their natural environment can never be artificially copied. Please don't let them die there, we need to stand up for what is right and be the voice for these Orcas, please help free them.