Petition Closed

Our goal is to allow the registered voters of Indiana to petition for issues to be placed on the ballot for a statewide vote. This would give every voter the ability to shape Indiana’s political discourse. Our system of government was designed for our representatives to be responsible to their constituents, but  the current political situation gives emphasis to large donors, lobbyists, and special interest groups. Ballot initiatives are one way to return the power to the American citizen.
We feel direct democracy techniques are the best way for citizens to participate in their government. Voter turnout is higher in states with ballot initiative rights, and voters with these rights can impact issues directly without choosing between political parties or candidates. Join us today in our fight for freedom, liberty, and opportunity. 

Letter to
Republican Caucus Chair Kathy Kreag Richardson
Republican President Pro Tempore David Long
Asst Leader Timothy Lanane
and 18 others
Republican Assistant Pro Tempore Sue Landske
Caucus Chair Jim Arnold
Democratic Whip Earline Rogers
Democratic Whip Lindel Hume
Indiana State House
Indiana State Senate
Minority Leader Vi Simpson
Republican Whip Brandt Hershman
Republican Caucus Chair James Merritt, Jr.
Democratic Whip Kreg Battles
Republican Whip David Frizzell
Speaker of the House Brian Bosma
Democratic Indiana House Speaker Pat Bauer
Republican Floor Leader Bill Friend
Democratic Floor Leader Linda Lawson
Democratic Caucus Chair F. Dale Grubb
Republican Floor Leader Connie Lawson
Indiana Governor
I just signed the following petition addressed to: Indiana State Legislature.

Give Indiana voters the right to petition for ballot initiatives.

We the People of Indiana hereby petition the Indiana State Legislature to amend the state constitution to allow for citizen ballot initiatives. Registered voters in Ohio and Michigan have the right to petition for initiated statutes, initiated amendments, and referendums to be placed on the ballot for a popular vote.We desire the rights of our neighboring countrymen to petition our government. However, in order to ensure that the petitions are representative of the will of Indiana citizens, we recommend a provision that would prohibit financial or material compensation for petition signatures or signature gathering. We request that a member of the Indiana General Assembly file a joint resolution that would effectively designate the procedures for Indiana citizens to petition for ballot measures. Please forward all responses to
Thank you for your consideration,
Your constituency.