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Occupy Rio 20 Global Revolution 2012 /20-22 June 2012 -Environmental - Solidarity - NoWar- Animals Rigts

We Citizens of the World. We ask  a :

 The United Nations.
 Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon.

and representatives of the participating nations

Environmental Solidarity and AntiWar
Dissemination of food vegan diet. Against world hunger ,and animal rights "
We Citizens of the World. We ask. The creation of a program of spreading the vegan diet. Against hunger in the world, to secure food and a future for all nations, to spread the culture of animal rights and to ensure the survival of the planet Earth. and to ensure the health of its inhabitants.WHY? Nearly $1 trillion is being given out to fossil fuel subsidies each year for the continued exploitation of our planet’s natural resources. If we are to begin growing a green economy and investing in sustainable development, we must stop giving handouts to some of the richest companies on the planet. Governments need to show their support for sustainable development by phasing out fossil fuel subsidies completely and investing more in renewable alternatives. We are calling upon world leaders to commit at Rio+20 to phasing out fossil fuel subsidies by 2020 and to creating an international body to facilitate, monitor, and enforce the process of ending fossil fuel subsidies.

Questa petizione è stata notificata a:
  • John Matuszak Division Chief for Sustainable Development Policy U.S.A
    Mr. John Matuszak
  • Mohamed Nbou Directeur des Etudes, de la Planification et de la Prospective Marocc
    Mr. Mohamed Nbou
  • Executive Director, Regional Environmental Centre Kazakhstan
    Mr. Bulat Yessekin
  • Acting Head of Division, Department of International Organizations russian Federation
    Mr. Dmitry Maksimychev
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Directorate of Energy and Climate Change United Arab Emirates
    Mr. Majid Al-Suwaidi
  • Deputy Head of Section Swiss Federal Office for the Environmen
    Mr. Daniel Ziegerer
  • Executive Co-ordinator Sustainable Development Netherlands
    Ms Teddie Muffels
  • Head of Division I, Ministry for the Environment and Territory Italy
    Mr .Paolo Soprano
  • The United Nation Secretary-General
    Mr. Ban Ki-moon)
  • Director, Environmental Management Division
    Ms. Huang Weibo
  • Head of Division Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation
    Mr. Stephan Contius
  • : Director, Ministry of External Affairs India
    Ms. Riva Ganguli
  • Department of the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs United Kingdom
    Mr. Jonathan Tilson
  • Deputy director for environment and natural resources
    Mr. François Gave

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