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Tibet is under severe military occupation by China. Tibetans in Tibet are subjected to gross human rights abuses, where peaceful protests are brutally suppressed and the local culture, religion and language is being wiped out by a ruthless oppressor. Against this repressive backdrop, UK company Intercontinental Hotels Group (IHG) is preparing to open a luxury hotel in Lhasa, Tibet's capital. The Tibetan people have had no say in that decision.   The ‘Resort Lhasa Paradise’ is aimed at attracting wealthy Chinese tourists and will do nothing but whitewash the brutal occupation of Tibet.   Opening a hotel in Lhasa in 2014 is like opening a hotel in Johannesburg in the era of apartheid. InterContinental still have time to make the right decision and stop ignoring the facts about the occupation of Tibet.
Letter to
InterContinental Hotel Group Richard Solomons (InterContinental Hotel Group)
InterContinental Must Pull out of Tibet!

Dear Mr Solomons,

Lhasa is not a playground. It is an occupied city whose people are subjected to gross human rights abuses as a result of China's oppressive rule. Your presence in Tibet and your marketing of Lhasa as a "paradise" destination hides the reality of China's brutal military occupation, where peaceful protesters are killed, people are disappeared, and torture is commonplace. You are gifting priceless Public Relations to the oppressors of Tibet.

Your hotel and its business facilities will be used by the Chinese regime and its cronies. Your staff, like any Tibetan in Lhasa who expresses dissent, will face imprisonment, torture and worse for opposing the authorities - the same authorities which have encouraged the building of your hotel. Running a hotel in Lhasa is in direct contradiction to Intercontinental's Corporate Social Responsibility policies.

Your company is effectively supporting a brutal dictatorship. Please do the right thing and pull out of Lhasa until the day Tibetans invite you back of their own free will.

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