Remove Superintendent Reta Doland immediately!

Remove Superintendent Reta Doland immediately!

December 5, 2020
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Oakridge Sc Board
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Why this petition matters


Reta Doland has proven herself to be an unfit Superintendent for the Oakridge School District.  Doland has repeatedly displayed an inability to effectively guide our district which is negatively impacting the education of our students and the future of this community. 

Therefore, the Community of the Oakridge School District declares its complete lack of confidence in Doland’s leadership and respectfully requests that the Oakridge School Board remove Doland from her current position as Superintendent.  

This community's serious concerns and complaints include:

  • Doland’s actions do not support teacher and staff retention. Toxic working conditions have led to quality educators and staff leaving our district. This is particularly concerning for a small, rural district that has chronic difficulty recruiting staff to fill positions. This directly impacts the quality of our children's education. During a statewide shortage, this is not the time to lose even more good teachers and staff.
  • Doland has jeopardized the future of our sports programs by eliminating the Athletic Director position for 2020-2021. 
  • Doland does not communicate regularly with parents and caregivers. She has failed to "Communicate often, and use multiple channels (e.g., text, letters, email, social media)...Set a predictable time...such as a weekly newsletter or video announcements" as required by Oregon Dept of Education, Comprehensive Distance Learning Guidance. In addition, she had repeatedly failed to respond to emails and concerns from parents, community members and staff in our district.
  • Doland’s lack of communication with families and the community has led to the loss of future funding stability. Many families have pulled their children from this district, which impacts ADM and funding for our district. 
  • Doland has failed to facilitate the presence of an active Site Council (Site Committee). Not having a Site Council deprives parents and community members their input on matters of student curriculum and other school district programs. It is also a direct violation of ORS 329.704. “Local 21st Century Schools Councils”, and Oakridge School Board Policy.
  • Doland has repeatedly denied teachers reasonable accommodations to work conditions both before and during the pandemic. She has not provided an explanation for her denials or any opportunity for teachers and staff to have input regarding these topics. These include, but are not limited to: 
    -Remote work, when applicable and necessary due to pandemic metrics supplied by the state. 
    -Access to the building as necessary and within guidelines in order to complete work.
    -Not providing transparent and timely communication regarding plans for education delivery.
    -Not providing or fostering a supportive and healthy work environment and conditions. 

Based on these many serious concerns and complaints, the Oakridge School District Community has no choice but to present this petition to the board and to declare our full support of our district teachers and staff.  We demand immediate action to safeguard the health and security of our children and this community as a whole. Superintendent Reta Doland should be terminated as soon as possible. 

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Signatures: 330Next Goal: 500
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