Please help save Oakland's Knowland Park by urging big donors to withdraw their financial support for the Oakland Zoo’s planned "conservation" theme park far above the existing zoo. The environmental damage will be enormous, wildlife will be driven out of their habitats, the public will lose access to ridgeline hiking trails and panoramic views, and Oakland taxpayers will be burdened with increased debt, now and far into the future.

Letter to
S. D. Bechtel, Jr. Foundation, The Clorox Company Foundation, The Joseph & Vera Long Foundation Bechtel, Clorox and Long Foundations
We respect and value your philanthropic intentions, but sometimes the wrong thing is done for the right reason. Many prominent supporters of the Oakland Zoo, including some of its trustee and foundation board members, do not realize that the expansion planned for Knowland Park will destroy a biologically rich public park and saddle the public with enormous operating costs and long-term debt. Does destroying thriving wildlife habitat and state-listed rare native plant communities in order to display captive animals align with your foundation's core values? Does burdening Oakland taxpayers with even more debt NOT concern you?

This expansion plan is wrong for Oakland. The environmental damage it will incur is irreversible, and the public will lose free and open access to the ridgeline of Oakland's largest remaining wild parkland. Oakland cannot afford the resulting drain of taxpayer dollars. We urge you to withdraw your financial support for any expansion on Knowland Park's ridgeline. Preserving Knowland Park as an authentic example of native California is a worthy lasting legacy you can give to Oakland.

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