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Start prosecuting animal neglect and cruelty

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The owner and operator of Chien d’Or Goldens dog kennel in Farmington Hills (Oakland County), has been charged with five counts of animal neglect in WAYNE County! The arraignment is scheduled for October 9, 2017 at the16th District Court in Livonia. 

While Oakland County Animal Control has been “monitoring” the kennel since the initial kennel worker came forward in 2013, Livonia Animal Control completed an investigation in less than a month and submitted it to their local prosecutor. 

June 1, 2017-Oakland County Animal Control Inspection Summary:

 “The dogs were found with cloudy, dirty water dishes and living in filthy cages smeared with mud, dirt and feces. Many of the cages had dangerous broken fencing. The extreme smell of ammonia may have caused eye irritations noted by the onsite veterinarian. Some dogs had mild to severe ear infections and matted fur caked with feces and dirt. One dog was found to be under weight with sunken eyes, still pending blood work results and treatment plan. In addition, two dogs were found with heavy dental tartar and gingivitis requiring a full cleaning.”

 July 29, 2017 Farmington Hills Police Complaint & Inspection Summary:

”Complaint: Conditions inside the home are very bad. Floors full of dog urine and feces. Some of the dogs were in bad condition and malnourished. Puppy passed away a couple weeks ago due to malnourishment. Inspection: Floor was urine soaked and feces scattered about. First floor deplorable condition. Rotted food and garbage in the kitchen with bugs. Living in urine soaked and feces. All dogs smelled like urine and had feces on them. Dirty.”

September 11, 2017 Complaint from puppy shopper:

“ overwhelming ammonia smell from the kennel and inside her home as well, I wasn't surprised to see the male was absolutely filthy, petrified and even had a nasty looking wound on his neck behind is right ear.”

As complaints continue to mount, another city has taken action to protect animals still living in unsanitary and unsafe conditions at this kennel.

We need a county prosecutor that will not tolerate animal neglect.

Over a three year period (2013 – 2015) there were only 15 animal cruelty cases in Oakland County and less than half were fully prosecuted. Aging bench warrants and missing warrant requests suggests our county is not taking animal cruelty seriously.  There were 3,066 animal complaints called into the dispatch office. This means less than 1% of all calls result in a ticket. (source: Puppy Mill Awareness of SE Michigan)

Oakland County pets are not being protected.

Link to Oakland County Animal Controls inspection (June 2017). 
Link to Farmington Hills kennel worker photos (July 2017).
Link to FOX2 news story (July 2017)

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