Stop the School to Prison Pipeline - Free Grace from Incarceration

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A black, 15 year-old female student from Groves High School in Birmingham, MI with an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) was incarcerated on alleged probation violation of not keeping up with her online schoolwork during the pandemic. Grace's teacher, who was supposed to speak on her behalf, was unable to testify because she had to leave to teach a class. The only person to speak on Grace's behalf was her caseworker, who was unaware of Grace's educational disabilities and her IEP. The presiding judge called her a "threat to the community." Here's a link to the story

It's been 75 days and she's still there.

Please sign this petition to show your support to free Grace, provide her with the support and resources she ACTUALLY needs, and dismiss her case. The petition will be sent to the Oakland County Family Court Division, the Judge who oversaw the case: Judge Mary Ellen Brennan, and the Birmingham Public Schools Board of Education. 


If you want to help you can:

Use THIS LINK to send an email to elected officials and flood their inboxes with pleas to #FreeGrace. The link will send emails to Governor Whitmer, Attorney General Nessel, Oakland County Exec. Coulter, Prosecutor Cooper, Chief Judge Kumar, and Oakland County Sheriff Bouchard. 

Call Judge Mary Ellen Brennan - (248)-858-0355


EMAIL Judge Mary Ellen Brennan's CLERKS:


Email the Communication Director for Birmingham Public Schools, Anne Cron:


Email Members of the BPS Board of Education: