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Make Public Safety #1 Budget Priority

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Given Oakland's high crime rate, high number of unsolved crimes, and high amount of unfunded public services, we the following residents of Oakland DEMAND that you:

1. Prioritize Public Safety by increasing the # of Officers you're planning on budgeting from 700 to AT LEAST the 800 Police Officers and Criminal Investigators we had BEFORE the Great Recession, and preferably 900-1200 Officers recommended by previous Police Chiefs.

2. Adequately fund the Crime Lab to process all DNA samples, rape kits, ballistics tests, etc., along with appropriate Civilian Personnel.

3. Continue funding CHP patrols in Oakland in their entirety until such time as Oakland can patrol itself.

4. Spend any remaining moneys on effective, functioning BASIC public services and quality of life for Oakland residents such as Parks & Rec (many parks are falling apart), libraries, bike lanes & road repaving ($400 million underfunded according to the City), fighting graffiti and illegal dumping, etc.

5. This should be done in a financially responsible manner while addressing unfunded pensions, internal debts, etc. so our BASIC City Services can be SUSTAINABLE!

Only after Oakland has good, functioning government should either COLA's -or-expensive superfluous staff for the Mayor be considered.

Your primary function is to create policy that will lead Oakland to functionally sustainable operations for the benefit of all stakeholders, not to create a perpetual job machine for staff.

The Following Residents of Oakland,
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