Confirmed victory

This is important because the safety of our children is being put at risk. If you live less than 1.5 miles away from a school that your child attends, your child either has to be picked up or they have to walk. This includes Elementary and young middle school children.

Letter to
Oak Ridge City School Board
To STOP the Oak Ridge Walk Zone,

Please stop the Oak Ridge Walk Zone, as it will be putting our children at risk. Elementary and Middle school age children should not have to walk a mile and a half to come to school. There are enough signatures to show that the citizen's of Oak Ridge are concerned over this decision and the safety of our children. One child was killed walking from school not too long ago, and we do not want a repeat of this type of accident. Nor do we want our children subject to kidnapping or anything else. The safety of our children should not be sacrificed because the school system has to make a budget cut somewhere.