Change Mill Road speed limit to 50kmph & put in a speed camera + pedestrian crossing.

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On Thursday 26th November, 2020 my family and I tragically lost our grandmother Fiona Howden-Larsen to a driver on Mill Road, Helensville. Our nana walked down from her home every morning at 5am to the Gull Petrol Station on Mill Road to buy a coffee from her daughter's coffee cart. Devastatingly, our nana was hit whilst crossing the road as a pedestrian at 5:30am by a driver at full speed on Mill Road. The speed limit for Mill road was temporarily 50kmph for months when our nana was hit and killed. During the time she was struck, there was only one speed sign at the beginning of Mill road to indicate that the speed limit was 50kmph. Not even 2 weeks later after our nana was taken from us, the speed limit for Mill road was raised back to 70kmph and 100kmph at the end of Mill road. My family and I are absolutely shocked that NZ Transport Agency would allow this considering the fatal consequence that we had to suffer when the speed limit was only 50kmph. I am writing this petition to demand for the speed limit on Mill road to be permanently changed to 50kmph and that the 100kmph speed sign at the end of Mill road be changed to 50kmph too, as it currently clearly entices drivers to speed up before they are meant to. A pedestrian crossing and speed camera must also be placed on Mill Road to make it safer for our local pedestrians and to remind distracted and speeding drivers to slow down. As a small community, we have plenty of young children, elderly and families who walk along Mill road everyday. We do not wish to see another family go through the loss and trauma that we have had to. This accident could have been completely avoided had there have been another 50kmph speed sign and a pedestrian crossing on Mill Road. Please support our family in making this happen by signing our petition as we do not wish for another family to suffer the heartbreak we have had to.