Stop Factory Farming, Promote Person Rights for Nonhuman Animals!

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We all know of the terrible conditions that factory farmed animals go through; we need to make a change in these poor animals lives. Currently, two in three animals are factory farmed, which is atrocious.

This is not just about animal rights, some animals that are currently factory farmed should be considered people, and should have all the same rights that we have. Many people have argued that "human rights" should be changed to "person rights," and many argue that some intelligent animals (such as factory farmed pigs) could easily qualify for personhood. It is speciesist to say that just because we are human we deserve more rights that equally intelligent animals.

This petition will be presented to the Ministry of Primary Industries so that they can hear the voices of the people who demand that intelligent animals should have the same rights as us. Hopefully, if enough people care about these poor animals and sign the petition, the Ministry of Primary Industries can see what the people want, and help instigate the change that is needed for a brighter future.  

These are some other organizations that support these ideas: