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Israel has MY VOTE! Shame NZ Government - WE dont agree!

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On what should be a day of Celebration we are mourning.. Mourning for a nation whose leaders have sold their soul for 30 pieces of silver. In two years on the UN Security Council New Zealand's greatest achievement was to betray her friend Israel, her only friend in the Middle East. In that time nearly half a million Syrians have lost their lives, what ground breaking resolution did you sponsor NZ to prevent the loss of their lives, "ZERO" that's how many.
100 years ago our little nation at the ends of the earth fought to free Israel from 400 years of Turkish rule, now for 30 pieces of silver John Key & McCully and the NZ Government have sold the blood of our brave men for 30 pieces of silver.
We will not support John Key in any IMF or UN role he has been promised.
He has betrayed our nation at the ends of the Earth and betrayed the very blood that runs in his veins.
Shame shame New Zealand as you celebrate with your Turkey and Ham, you've forgotten THE ONE who made your freedom possible, Jesus who came from Israel. Well done Mr McCully, your pathetic legacy tramples on the graves of our Sons who laid down their lives for freedom. NZ Don't blame God when the Islamists come and blow up your Children, and unless you repent, they will come.
You say we sound angry?!- yes we're angry, angry at the deceit and shadowy lies and secret handshakes that have put our nation in a perilous position before God.
Angry that our forefathers blood has been trampled in disrespect - All for 30 pieces of silver - Angry at Self righteous voices who selfishly say Peace peace when there is no peace. Our collective voice prints are recorded as "NOT IN FAVOUR" of resolution 2334 in the United Nation security council.

Would those reading this please vote to show that YOU ARE NOT IN FAVOUR of resolution 2334 in the UN Security Council.

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