Stop school donations being made from bobby calf processing

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Under the “Cash for Calves” school sponsorship scheme both NZ Farmers Livestock (website: and Affco offer to pay 35c and 40c respectively to nominated schools for every calf born and sent to slaughter.

In New Zealand, approx 2 million newborn male calves are slaughtered every single year (soon after birth) because they will not grow up to produce breast milk for human mouths as their mothers do, and are thus considered a “waste product” of the dairy industry.

New Zealand school children (along with many of their parents) would have no desire to benefit from nor support the deaths of these newborn baby animals especially if they were given any information about what happens behind closed doors within the Dairy Industry.

A child’s parent decides whether or not their children have to consume cow’s breast milk throughout their childhood. Cows milk is not required for good human health, and all dairy cows on New Zealand farms get slaughtered for beef at the end of their short lives.

If school children (and many of their parents) were offered the chance to consider this information, they would probably opt not to support this nor be involved. The information and understanding coming to light is precisely why the Dairy Industry is making headline losses, and becoming more desperate to appeal to young New Zealanders who haven’t had a chance to consider what (and who) goes into the production of Dairy (cow breast) Milk.

What we as a Nation need is to assist our schools with funding from sources that do not include organisations and industries that benefit from the exploitation and countless deaths of dairy cows and their babies.

We request that NZ Farming Livestock and also Affco recognise that there will be members of the school communities (children and parents) and the wider jurisdiction that are against the cruel practice of killing these animals, and that they cease their “Cash for Calves” offer until they offer New Zealand children and parents an proper understanding and full information on what exactly happens to Dairy Cows and their calves in our country, and why.