NZ: Alternative Ethical & Equitable Banking

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Calling for all ethical people. We need your support to establish an alternative ethical & equitable banking in New Zealand which already available overseas.

Many of us have insurance, savings, unit trust, endowment, investment products and retirement fund like Kiwisaver with our banks and other financial institutions. As a conscientious and ethical member in the society, we need to know where our monies are invested. I, for one, do not wish my money to be invested in companies that source significant income from business activities like in defence/weapons, gambling, alcohol, tobacco or adult entertainment industry. It is simply and ethically wrong. We need to have financial products that mandate the types of investing activities allowed and the ethical screening criteria applied in the selection and monitoring of investments. A product that mandates the investing approach and provide transparency for our investments, and allows investors to take responsibility for how our investing affects society. We want ethical products which generate dividend, profit share with their investors. We want to tell the banks and financial institutions we are ready for such products. We want the banks to be equitable and work for our monies. You are investing in the future you want - clean energy, affordable health care and housing. Invest in positive activities and enjoy a good investment return. The banks know they can do better. There are not doing it because there is no ethical mandate.

Everything Is possible if there is a demand and support for it. Hence, I implore your good conscience to support this initiative to keep our New Zealand not just clean and green, but also ethical, fair and conscientious. We are always the frontier in righteousness and pioneer of change. Time for an alternative ethical & equitable banking. WIth this petition, we hope to give the conventional banks a reason to introduce dividend based ethical products which they already have overseas. 

Life is more than just eating healthy and staying healthy. Life is also being spiritually healthy. That’s wholesome living. That’s awesome living. And that’s ethical living.