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A permanent space for student technology innovation at NYU

 Petition for a university-wide permanent space at NYU’s Washington Square campus to serve as the hub for student technology innovation.

In recent years, New York City has seen a renaissance of technology activity. More technology startups are choosing to grow here than ever before. Necessary to sustain and drive this growth is a local student culture of technology and innovation. To see NYU become the vibrant heart of the student technology culture is what drives Tech@NYU.

For two years, this organization has been the catalyst for students like me to enter and contribute to the burgeoning technology innovation community in New York City.

Tech@NYU is furthering student tech entrepreneurship at NYU

For the past two years, Startup Week (1,000 attendees every semester), DemoDays (100 attendees monthly), DesignDays, HackDays, and workshops (40 students weekly), and the Tech@NYU Digest (4,000 subscribers emailed bi-weekly) serve to inform, encourage, motivate, teach and guide me to build and innovate.

Having a room on campus allows me to study and work on my ideas before and after class. I would utilize the books, hardware, furniture, and equipment that Tech@NYU and its sponsors would provide. I may meet my co-founder there. I may see a peer change the world; we may become good friends.

A student culture must be built from the bottom-up by us students, and we firmly believe that Tech@NYU is the organization that can do this


Letter to
I just signed the following petition addressed to: NYU Stern.

A permanent space for student technology innovation at NYU

In granting a physical space for the university’s potential and current innovators, NYU would take a large stride towards fulfilling its Framework 2031, fostering student entrepreneurship at NYU. It puts NYU in a position of advantage as the first college in the northeast to take such an action. StartX, formerly SSE Labs, of Stanford has seen incredible success on the West Coast (See:
We are thusly requesting that (1) KMC Room 8-45, or (2) a room of comparable size and quality on NYU’s Washington Square campus be granted to Tech@NYU directly or via Professor White. A student culture must be built from the bottom-up by students, and we firmly believe that Tech@NYU is the only organization that can do this.
Obtaining a space is critical to allow us to continue to foster the development of the technology entrepreneurship community at NYU, a community which has already produced such great results and aims to continue doing so in the future. For our innovators that change the world to credit NYU for their success; we think that is very powerful.


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