"Mask Optional" Options for Nyssa Schools

"Mask Optional" Options for Nyssa Schools

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Stand for Kids-Nyssa started this petition to Nyssa School Board

Dear Nyssa School Board and Dr. Johnson,

As parents, and concerned member of the community, we are not willing to accept Governors Brown’s mask-mandate without looking into every viable option.  We owe this to our kids; you owe this to the students of this district!

In the spring of 2020 it was “just 14 days of quarantine”, then it was “no school just for the rest of the 2019 school year”, then “no summer school just for 2020”, then “distance learning via computer for just a few weeks during fall 2020”, then “distance learning just for the rest of 2020”, then “socially distanced learning with mask-requirements just for the rest of the 2020 school year”.  

Finally, we were told “just a few weeks ago that local school districts can decide, independently, about masks”, and now we hear “just mask your children for a little longer …”.  We have been misled and lied-to for, by State and Federal agencies, the last 18 months and we are done just waiting for things to improve.

We have been promised, over and over, one thing and delivered another.   We do not trust the Governor Brown nor the Oregon Dept of Education to stop JUSTIFYING their actions.  We are JUSTIFIED, however; to fear that our kids will be forced back into distance learning, when the Covid-19 cases inevitably increase later this fall. 

We disagree with the premise that student in-school must wear masks to be safe.  Neither science nor results JUSTIFY masking children.  We have 4 options that will allow students to be in school without creating additional risk for staff or students.


Option A:  Students return to school with “mask optional” classrooms as previously agreed upon by the School Board and Administrators. The school simply pays the fine as required by the state.

 Option B:   Students and parents who agree to “mask optional” classrooms are placed into rooms with others of the same belief.  Students and parents who prefer “mandatory mask” classrooms will attend separately.

If there are additional food preparation, sanitation costs, etc. “mask optional” parents will agree to cover reasonable additional cost if approved prior to costs being incurred.

Parents of students in “mask optional” classes will sign legal documentation “hold harmless” the school district, other students, or teachers in the event of Covid-19 infection.   Teachers and staff working in “mask optional” classrooms would do so on a voluntary basis.

Option C:  Alternative classroom settings provided where “mask optional” classes may be held in accordance with the CDC.  This could mean tents, awnings, open-air classes, etc. 

Option D:  Parents commit to removing their students from the Nyssa School District with the intent of limiting funding received by a non-supportive school district.       


We hope the School Board and Administration can adopt one of the outlined plans or some version of it.  We have worked hard to allow for equitable treatment of students and staff without sacrificing the education, health, and psychological well-being of our children.


Stand for kids-Nyssa


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