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Stop catering to Charter Schools and harming public school children.

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We respectfully insist that your office cease its inappropriate lobbying of the SUNY Trustees and Regents, on behalf of the Success Academies (and its related enterprises), to advance interests directly inimical to those of Manhattan and Brooklyn public school children.

Most recently, we have seen the SUNY Trustees passively approve the cynical manipulation of children of color and immigrants to further an agenda of certain Charter operators to "invade" middle class neighborhoods. Upon information and belief, this was done with the prior approval (if not outright support) of the Governor's office.

A particularly egregious example was the approval of the removal by Success Academy of a Charter School zoned for CSD 13 - supposedly designed to serve ELLs and children otherwise zoned to attend failing schools - and its placement in an affluent neighborhood in Brownstone Brooklyn. This was then soon followed by the virtual elimination of ALL "at risk" admissions lottery preferences throughout the Success Academy network.

The purported rationale for this move was that District 13 lacked the physical capacity to house an appropriately sized charter school. Yet, less than one year later (with NO change in D13 building capacity), an application by Success Academy for ANOTHER Charter School (WITHIN D13) is once again before the SUNY Trustees Charter Committee!

Not only is this detrimental to the children for whom these programs were ostensibly designed, it has severely undermined the ability of local governing bodies (like Community Education Councils) to prioritize (or even meaningfully discuss) local needs and resources to best meet the needs of their parents and children. Hence, by "fixing" such outcomes, it turns the concept of "school choice" on its head.

It is unfathomable to us that the Governor's office has continually interceded on behalf of private interests with no actual local constituencies in direct and fervent opposition to parents and local elected officials throughout Brooklyn and Manhattan. It must stop.

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