Keep Marsha P Johnson State Park 100% OPEN for duration of the COVID-19 State Emergency

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In the spirit of reengaging with our community and preserving essential outdoor space for social distancing and fresh air during these incredibly difficult months, we demand the following:

1. A halt to all project-related work that requires closure of any portion of Marsha P. Johnson State Park for the duration of the COVID-19 State emergency. 

2. After the end of the emergency, a genuine engagement with local residents and community organizations on the design and implementation of the $14 million project related to Marsha P. Johnson State Park. 

We are outraged to learn of the six month closure of Martha P. Johnson State Park with one day's notice. As we confront the second wave of the pandemic denying access to parkland in a neighborhood with some of the least open space in the city is completely unacceptable. 

Closing a public park during a pandemic doesn't honor the legacy of Marsha P. Johnson, an activist for queer liberation who fought in the Stonewall Uprising. An AIDS activist and occasional sex worker, Johnson faced frequent harassment by the police. Instead, we might pay tribute to her incredible life by repealing the state's "Walking While Trans" Ban, decriminalizing sex work, and securing healthcare for all.