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Reinstate Peter Maliarakis to his official duties as a teacher.

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He blew the whistle on unsanitary conditions to protect his students that led to close to 100 direct retaliatory actions and was eventually removed from the classroom awaiting his termination hearing. The principal Namita Dwarka insisted that he teach his students in these unsanitary conditions and he called OSHA and they found numerous health and safety issues. Also, demand an immediate halt on a wide range of other NYS and Federal crimes committed by Principal Namita Dwarka . 1-Illegal grade changes 2- sweeping under the rug inappropriate relationships between staff and students . 3-Covering up safety issues found to be hazardous by OSHA 4-Discrimination and bullying of her staff 5-Responsible for a nearly 65% turnover rate of teachers 6-Retaliates against whistleblowers 7-Demoralizes staff and treats them poorly in hostile work environment 8-Subject of a 97% disapproval rate on a poll conducted by the UFT 9-Defendant in multiple lawsuits 10-Sweeps major crimes under the rug and doesn't report them to authorities 11-Holds students against their will 12- Falsifies observations and documents to fire teachers 13-Has misplaced over $200,000 of taxpayer funds.

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