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NYS Attorney General and DA Frank Sedita: Investigation regarding the illegal and unethical actions of the Orchard Park Police Department and Thomas G. Meyers in the Kimberly Lawton case.

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This is important because due to false accusations made by Thomas G. Meyers, in an effort to win custody, and due to police misconduct by the Orchard Park Police Department a baby is being kept from his mother and a woman is being punished for a crime she did not commit.  


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In April 2013, Thomas G. Meyers, set Kimberly Lawton up for a crime in an effort to win custody of their son. Her son's father contacted CPS and the Orchard Park police department and claimed Kimberly was poisoning their 5 month old son.

On April 5, 2013, during a court ordered exchange the Orchard Park police Department left Thomas G Meyers and his nanny alone with the bottles she sent for their son's visit. He picked up their son and the bottles and drove the bottles to a Detective a block away.  Two weeks later and already spoiled the OP police then drove the bottles to the NYS lab in Albany where they sat for 5 months rotting and spoiling away. When they were finally tested, they came back with a trace amount, a non measurable amount, of ethanol in the bottles.  Ethanol is formed naturally through a fermentation process.  Anything with sugar and yeast will ferment and create ethanol.  Leave juice on the counter for five months and you will have ethanol.

Also, during the 5 months, CPS (who was working collaboratively with the police) investigated Kim and closed the case unfounded because there was absolutely no evidence whatsoever that she poisoned her baby.  Their son was 100 percent healthy and a very happy baby. Her son's pediatrician also told CPS and the police that he was 100 percent healthy.

Furthermore, Tom Meyers has changed his story several times.  It is one story with court, another to CPS and yet another to the police.  Her son's father also went on vacations and left their son with Kimberly and never once took the baby to a doctor. What's the first thing any parent would do if they thought their child had been poisoned? What parent would leave their baby with a person they thought was harming their child while they went on multiple vacations?

Due to the Father's accusations only, Kimberly was arrested and Erie Family Court transferred custody over to the Father. Not only did the father gain custody, he no longer pays $3,000 a month in child support, no longer drives 3 hours back and forth to see his son, his schedule increased from Mondays and Fridays for 4 hours only and his girlfriend, who would not allow Tom to be alone with Kim or allow Tom to attend doctor appointments, is more secure with their relationship now that Kim is out of the picture.


Finally, and importantly, an investigation is warranted into Police Chief Andrew Pacholec's actions in this case.  He has allegedly used his position in power repeatedly to try and cover up his illegal and unethical actions and mistakes involved in this case. For example and most recently, he allegedly approached the Erie County Sheriffs Benevolent Association and tried to encourage them to blackmail the Erie County District Attorney, Frank Sedita, by requesting that they force him to put pressure on Mr. Sedita to bring the case to the Grand Jury or asked the Sherriff’s Benevolent Association to pull funding and support of him as the District Attorney during the next election. That is a serious crime that alone deserves an investigation.


Anyone who has had the unfortunate experience of dealing with a divorce and custody case knows this is exactly the type of behavior courts permit.   The parent who makes up the biggest lies about the other parent wins custody, is rewarded and there is no repercussion whatsoever for this illegal and unethical behavior. Instead parents are using CPS and the police (you have to document it all) to abuse the system and using children as a means to satisfy their own agenda.  This is child abuse.

Anyone who knows Kim knows this is absurd. She is a loving, wonderful mother to all three of her children and has helped many of us with our kids over and over. She didn’t go from a loving mother, soccer coach, Girl Scout leader, homeroom mom, etc. to hurting her own baby

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