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Petitioning New York Police Department Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly

NYPD: Stop running warrant and background checks on victims of domestic violence

Tell New York Police Department detectives that running a criminal background check on a domestic violence victim when they are investigating cases of domestic violence empowers perpetrators of abuse!

The NYPD and Chief of Detectives Phil Pulaski recently created a new memo that requires police detectives to run a criminal background check, including driving records, on people who report an incident of domestic violence. This decision discourages victims from making the initial call for fear of being treated like a criminal rather than receiving assistance, and endangers the lives of victims and their children.

Sign the petition below today and tell Commissioner Kelly that this protocol is unacceptable!

Letter to
New York Police Department Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly
As the New York Police Department, we trust you with the responsibility to protect the public, which includes responding to domestic violence victims to ensure their safety. Your recent decision to run warrant and background checks on people who report cases of domestic violence is a step in the wrong direction. This protocol will only further deter victims from coming forward to report abuse. Statistics prove that most cases of domestic violence go unreported and this decision discourages victims from seeking help from people who are sworn to protect them.

Placing the initial call for help in a violent situation can be difficult enough, without the threat of arrest. This new protocol will not result in more cooperative witnesses, as suggested in the NYPD memo that outlines the protocol; it will merely put more lives of New Yorkers at risk. As law enforcement officers, you have a duty to protect the citizens of this city. Please keep the best interest of domestic violence victims in mind and take a stand against perpetrators by revoking this protocol!

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