End Abusive Policing in the South Bronx

End Abusive Policing in the South Bronx

January 8, 2021
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NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea and 3 others
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Why this petition matters

Started by Mott Haven Families

On June 4th, peaceful protesters were met with riot gear and heavily armed officers in a coordinated and brutal assault. A few blocks away, the 40th Precinct was guarded by ICE agents in violation of NYC’s Sanctuary City policy. The June 4th police attack was violent, unlawful, and violated protesters’ human rights. Yet no one has been held accountable and nothing has changed. The 40th Precinct has failed in its duty to protect and serve the residents of the South Bronx, and our elected officials have failed to hold them accountable. Therefore, we demand the following:

The 40th Precinct—specifically Deputy Inspector Gallitelli—and Commissioner Shea must:

  1. Release a detailed report on who was involved in planning and executing the June 4th assault, and in what ways, including any elected officials or other city or federal government officials. 
  2. Terminate or otherwise discipline officers who either planned or carried out violence on June 4th against peaceful protesters, and those who collaborated with ICE agents in our neighborhood.
  3. Agree to other reform measures outlined in the DOI report and the OAG report, specifically reform measures that include reducing reliance on the Strategic Response Group, and the creation of external accountability institutions, and giving those institutions the power to enforce policy changes or to prosecute officers.

Council Members Diana Ayala, Rafael Salamanca, and Vanessa Gibson must: 

  1. Call for an additional investigation into the actions of the 40th Precinct to discover individual actors who planned and carried out the June 4th attack.
  2. Advocate for defunding the police and reducing the number of officers in the 40th Precinct. Mott Haven needs more funding for schools, parks, recreation centers, job placement and housing security—not more police.
  3. Advocate for reform measures as outlined in the DOI report and OAG report as described above.

Read the full Open Letter from Mott Haven Families Regarding June 4th

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Signatures: 176Next Goal: 200
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