Tell Nye County School District Donkey Basketball Is Not Entertainment

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Please join me and others in telling the Nye County School District Donkey Basketball is not entertainment!

These donkey's travel for hours in small trailers all over the west coast for your entertainment. They compete in donkey basketball, baseball, and other sports. Because they aren't part of the circus and are considered part of a "sport" it's up to the Nye County School District to change their fundraiser. The next fundraiser is scheduled already for March 6, 2020. That gives us a whole year to urge the school district to change their minds!

Donkey's can not carry more than 20% of their body weight. So for a 500 pound donkey, that is only 100 pounds! Donkey's can get up to 1,000 pounds. For a 1,000 pound donkey 200 pounds is the maximum they should carry. But for the fundraisers most people are well over the weight limits for their donkey's. 

Most of the donkeys have to have their feet wrapped so they don't scratch the gym floors, but the tape causes irritations and the donkey's try to pick it off throughout the game.

Since they're "playing a sport" the donkey's don't get any food or water before or during the game so they don't poop on the gym floor. 

There are no stools to climb on to the donkeys back so every player has to jump onto the back of their Donkey, which makes the donkeys legs buckle under all of the weight. Most players don't get up on the first attempt so they have to jump multiple times to get onto their donkeys back. 

During the game the players toss the basketball between themselves and often the ball hits the donkey's in the face and other parts of their body. If the ball falls to the ground, the player jumps off and pulls their Donkey as hard as they can towards the ball so they can grab it as quickly as possible and jump back on their Donkey. 

Please sign and put an end to this cruelty! There are so many other fundraisers that are fun and don't harm innocent animals. Donkey's aren't here for us to play basketball on!