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Keep Spring Break VACATION for NYC! (or at LEAST Passover and Good Friday, Mr. Mayor!)

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UPDATE: The Mayor himself has now taken away the remaining TWO days of Spring Break, which also happen to be the first two days of Passover and Holy Thursday / Good Friday.  In addition to his disregard of students and teachers and families of faith, he does not recognize the reality that EVERYONE has been emotionally overwhelmed by the events of the past month and requires some downtime.

We-- the Teachers, Students, and Parents-- involved with the NYC Public Schools:

  • Have ALL been working HARDER since schools have physically closed, in part because of the challenges of Distance Teaching and Learning  in households with often limited technology and in part because of responsibilities to family balanced alongside this new process.
  • Continue to face great life changes and are under a great deal of STRESS due to the COVID-19 outbreak and the necessary stay-at-home orders.
  • Face tough economic hardships as many have been furloughed or fired or are simply "non-essential" and cannot report to work, making quality family support and time even more essential.
  • Have elderly and sick loved ones in our lives who need our attention, as well as younger children-- some not even of school age yet-- who require likewise.
  • Must be mindful of emotional and physical self-care during this time of duress or else we as individuals, and potentially our loved ones, will suffer even more.

Therefore, we implore the Mayor and Chancellor of New York City and the Governor of New York State to MAINTAIN the upcoming scheduled NYC Spring Break from April 9 through April 19 and to waive the annual 180 school day requirement (if it proves necessary to do so) without penalty to the students of NYC and with graduation or testing standards adjusted so they are minimally impacted.

Should you NOT do so:  Be reminded that MANY teachers and students will be unavailable some of those Spring Break days regardless because of religious obligations that the City and State are legally bound to recognize.

Should you NOT do so:  Be mindful of the extra pay that will be due to those teachers who can work if you mandate schools remain open during Spring Break OR the need to then shorten the school year later, possibly impacting the administration of Regents Exams (if they indeed happen) and then paying teachers extra at that point to administer and grade them.  Neither is a great option.

Should you NOT do so:  Consider that your actions only add to the socio-emotional stressors that all impacted households already feel and that this is in absolute violation of your responsibilities in service to the people of this great City and State.

Reasonable leaders make reasonable decisions, and so-- again-- ALLOW the teachers, students, and parents of NYC to enjoy some few days of peace, rest, and in-house gatherings and/or celebrations in the face of this pandemic.

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