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NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg: Stop the Inhumane Treatment of Animals @ Animal Care and Control of NYC

Adoptable dogs and cats are being mistreated in ACC NYC facilities and killed at an alarming rate. Strays only get a 3 day hold time. Cats & Dogs surrendered by owners can be killed the same day. The animals need more time for rescue/foster/adoption to be put in place.Terrified by the harsh conditions, many animals are left with no food or water.  Animals who are adoptable are being killed quickly due to overcrowding and for simply being terrified or sick. Injured animals are not receiving care. Rescue volunteers are doing as much as possible but they can not do this alone. We need your help to call on Mayor Bloomberg to intervene in this matter immediately. Every animal deserves humane treatment and a reasonable hold time so that help can get to them. In the aftermath of hurricane Sandy, a simple extended hold grace period would make sense and save lives. We ask that ACC-NYC stop the killing of innocent cats and dogs and work with the rescue community to find placement. All animals deserve humane treatment and care. Thank you. 

Letter to
Mayor, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg
NYC ACC, Interim Executive Director, Director of Administration and General Counsel Risa Weinstock
Please intervene and end the inhumane treatment of animals in Animal Care and Control of NYC. Many reports of neglect are being ignored by NYC leadership, and photos of animals in filthy, cold spaces, starving and dehydrated are emerging. Hold times are too short and need to be lengthened. These animals deserve a chance at life. Please commit to creating a more humane environment, as well as treatment. We will not sit back and watch as animals that are adoptable are abused and neglected by NYC staff.

In the aftermath of hurricane Sandy we expect more care not less.

Thank you.

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