NYC Mayor DeBlasio Locks East Harlem kids out of Park... Gives land to private developers!

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Please help us stop the proposed development of Private Luxury Housing on the site of a East Harlem communities Little League Ball Field that will impact everyone in our community from residents to small business owners, but most importantly will affect the health and well being of our children. The existence of this Ball Field has helped hundreds of kids in East Harlem fight Obesity, Asthma and Mental health disease rates that are among the highest in the country. It also kept kids off the streets and away from violence. Incarceration of NYC city Youth is amongst the highest rates in the country, if we lose this Ball Field our youth will be left without a place to play, grow and develop life skills. The field located on 112th st. between Madison and Park avenues was once home to the East Harlem Little League organization, East Harlem Titans Youth football and baseball organization along with locals for over 25 years. The Titans were first to leave the park then East Harlem Little League was forced out by NYC officials. Throughout the years many people in the community have utilized the field to stay active by jogging, exercising, playing touch football, softball and soccer. Local Student-Athletes used the field and batting cage to improve their skills and perfect their craft in their respective sports, allowing them to earn grants and scholarships and further their education. Due to a lack of funding the field was not always in the best condition, but the community always kept it clean,safe,and usable. Eventually the little league was able to get a few sponsors to help build a beautiful field. For the first time ever the Community's Ball field had an official home run fence, bright yellow foul poles, new dugouts, benches and a well manicured baseball field that made kids feel like they had their own Yankee stadium right here in East Harlem. Along with the new field came new positive attitudes, confidence, commitment and a sense of being an important part of society for many children. Most importantly it brought the community together, my children and their friends of all different backgrounds were all fortunate to participate in all the activities that took place in the park, keeping them healthy, focused, and out of trouble while getting them into great schools.  It has also helped build courage, character and strength. With the removal of this field,  hundreds of children will have their dreams reduced to rubble while the risk of being imprisoned sadly increases due to the loss of an important community resource. A couple of seasons were played after the installation of what many in the neighborhood knew as the "Diamond in the Rough" , but that has all come to an abrupt end without the community being properly informed and having any say in this situation. Deemed a "vacant lot"  by H.P.D, NYC officials have intentionally turned the ball field into an eye sore by allowing the grass to grow and garbage to accumulate creating a rodent infestation and illegal dumping site which has become a health and safety hazard for the community. The Ball field is no longer accessible to the community and all request to use the field have been denied. The field currently sits chained and padlocked while NYC officials review development proposals. Hundreds of kids have seen their summer pass them by without a safe place in their neighborhood for them to play, stay healthy, interact with others and enjoy their summer vacation. Our Youth deserve  a bright future and resources that give them all an equal chance to advance!

PLEASE NOTE: There has been a significant increase in violent crimes, including murder amongst the youth in East Harlem since the closing of this park.

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