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Re-instate NYPD Whistle Blower Joe Sanchez, The Hispanic Serpico, from 30 Years Ago, Set-Up, Right this Wrong Please!

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PETITION FOR REINSTATEMENT OF WHISTLEBLOWER  NYPD  HERO OFFICER JOE SANCHEZ who was set-up thirty years ago -- this was after Serpico and way before Adrian Schoolcraft -- and proof that the NYPD and Internal Affairs have a history of betraying good cops who blow the whistle. 


Please google NYPD Joe Sanchez and read Joe's Wiki page.  Thank you.

YouTube of Joe re-visiting the drug bust where he was set-up 30 years ago.

Charles Hynes letter to a juror who wrote him agreeing Joe Hynes should be re-instated from 30 years ago. 

  1. This is a petition for reinstatement of Officer Joe Sanchez, who was wrongfully terminated from the NYPD and thereby deprived of his lifetime pension, after his rights of immunity, competent representation by counsel, and rights of due process were denied, in violation of the U.S. Constitution.   2. Joe was born on January 16, 1947, in Santurce, Puerto Rico, and lived in New York City from the age of five. He was wounded in combat in Vietnam on his twentieth birthday, and received the Purple Heart.    3. Subsequently, while serving in the New York/New Jersey Port Authority Police, Joe received high ratings from superiors.   4. In 1973, Joe joined the New York City Police Department. He continued to receive high ratings from superiors, as well as ten excellent police duty awards, ten meritorious police duty awards, ten police duty commendations, one exceptional  police duty award, and other letters of commendation, and according to the New York Daily News, became noted in the 30th Precinct as an “arrest machine” in the 30th Precinct (11/16/08).   5. On April 13, 1982, after nine years of service, Joe and his partner made a drug bust in an apartment in the 30th Precinct, to which two sergeants also responded.   6. One of the men arrested on that date alleged that Joe had taken money from him, an allegation the other arrestees denied at the time. A Field Internal Affairs Investigation Unit unfounded the allegation and no departmental hearing was ever held.   7. Not long after, Joe received incontrovertible evidence that two of his commanding officers were involved in the protection of drug trafficking and prostitution, and were being paid off with trips to the Dominican Republic to cavort with underage girls. He reported this to the Internal Affairs Division on Poplar Street and was told to wear a wire, which he did. Nothing happened to his commanding officers, but Joe was secretly indicted for the very charges that the previous investigation had unfounded. The dealers had indictments dismissed against them in return for testifying against Joe. Several then skipped the country, but Joe was arrested and tried anyway.   8. Joe had transactional immunity for his grand jury testimony, grounds for pretrial dismissal. His PBA-appointed attorney knew this, but failed to move for dismissal and failed to inform Joe.   9. Joe was immediately fired from his job. At trial, he was acquitted of all but a misdemeanor assault charge, brought by a mistake of law about what constituted “assault”.   10. Then Charlie Joe Hynes, who took over from the previous Special Prosecutor Thomas Duffy, himself moved the court for dismissal because of the transactional immunity. The motion was granted and the conviction set aside, but Joe was not reinstated, even though several jurors had written letters on Joe’s behalf.   11. Joe tried for years to get a departmental hearing for reinstatement. Mr. Hynes even offered to testify for him, but the Police Commissioner, Benjamin Ward, who had sole discretion to grant him a hearing, refused. Even the Appellate Court, which found the facts in Joe’s favor, could not overturn the law.   12. On March 3, 1987, the law was amended, allowing appellate review. Many officers have benefited from it, but the law was not retroactive, and didn’t help Joe.   13. Since that time, Joe served honorably with both the United States Post Office and the New York Department of corrections, both of which required a clean record to hire. As a Corrections Officer, he was injured while saving one prisoner from being murdered by another, and had to retire.    

14. Joe is not asking for retroactive pension. All he wants is to be given an honorable retirement from the NYPD. It’s important to him for the sake of his children and grandchildren. Please help us restore his good name!t



Please note Suzannah B. Troy is making a year long documenatry on Joe Sanchez who she dubbed the Hispanic Serpico.  Although he did not get shot in the face and Serpico's testimony was equally heroic Joe had 4 small sons and a wife to support and he denied a dept trial and after the NYPD did change that corrupt way of operating -- another Joe Sanchez was a victim as he calls it of the "Injustie System" every step of the way.... the NYPD top brass wanted him out just like they want  Schoolcraft.



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