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NYC Government, NYC Parks Department: Build a passive park at 65 Commercial St. Brooklyn opposed to an athletic field.

Developers are planning to build eleven 30-40 story towers along the northern tip of the Greenpoint waterfront. These towers will bring with them an estimated 10,000 new residents. 

With the rezoning of 2005 the city promised a new park at 65 Commercial St. This green space will become a pasive (Green) park or an athletic feild. An athletic field is a poor choice.

-10,000 new residents will amplify the burden to our already over crowded and limited passive park space

-There are already many nearby athletic fields and playgrounds such as Newtown Barge park, McCarren park and Bushwick inlet.

-Athletic fields discriminate against the very young, the elderly and the handicapped.

-Athletic fields limit the number of people who can participate on a large area of ground at any given time.

-Athletic fields limit times when individuals can use the space due to scheduling.

-Athletic fields create light pollution and burn up tax payer dollars for electricity.

- Newtown Barge Park should stay the local active park as its proximity to the future school will allow students quick access for recess and gym time.

Our local parks are already over crowded, an atheletic new field will not help alleviate this problem. Please sign this petition demanding that the city build a passive park at 65 Commercial St., Brooklyn as opposed to an athletic field.

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