NYC DOE – Explain the Origins of the D28 Diversity Plan before the Workshops begin!

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The New York City Department of Education (NYC DOE) approved an expensive grant to explore “diversity” social engineering for D28 Queens.

Many are asking some basic questions:

  • WHERE is this proposal?
  • WHO made it to whom?
  • WHY was it asked for?
  • WHAT was the process?

The whole “Diversity Plan” and its implementation is shrouded in secrecy, and Queens parents and stakeholders are looking for answers!  This grant was applied for by then Superintendent Mabel Muniz-Sarduy. She has moved on, but, leaves many unanswered questions in her wake.  We would like to know the following: 

  1. What was the step-by-step protocol for the Superintendent applying for this grant?
  2. Did the Superintendent make the decision to apply for a grant by herself or was it made in conjunction with the CEC and/or someone else from the District?
  3. Was there a vote of any kind to decide whether to apply for this grant?
  4. Was there any notice to the public that a grant was being considered, debate about the grant or vote on the grant? In short, was there any public input?
  5. Was the application for this grant discussed at a CEC meeting, and if so, where are the minutes?

We are told this “process” is about “working closely with the community”, “engagement”, and “equity”. These are highly coveted words, but, without action, that’s all they are! According to the D28 CEC, Superintendent Sarduy has been unavailable to appear before the public on this matter. 

Please sign this petition to tell the NYC DOE we demand answers about the origins of this life-changing “process” to our community, how it was approved, AND that all workshops should be postponed until full transparency is provided!!