Demand Transparency before D28 Diversity Plan Workshops begin!

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The NYC Department of Education (DOE) in conjunction with their consultant, WXY Architecture & Urban Planning, have formed a “Working Group” to recommend changes for Queen’s Middle Schools. A similar program in Brooklyn, known as the “Diversity Plan 15”, resulted in a quota system, increased commute times, a surge in parent appeals of placements, and a 7% drop in enrollment.

We, the members of Queens Parents United and other interested parties, are deeply concerned that parents and stakeholders may not have a “seat at the table” when designing recommendations for our own schools. At present, the formation of the WXY/DoE “Working Group” was conducted in private, without transparency.

We would like to understand the construction of the D28 Diversity Plan’s “Working Group” given their central role “to shape the plan’s framework and recommendations”. Specifically, what was the framework by which Working Group members were chosen, including:            

  • Process outline
  • Selection criteria /determining factors
  • Interview questions
  • Assessment methodology
  • Results and Selection mapping

We have a right to know who has been chosen to represent us; these are voluntary positions and by not revealing them, or the methodology of their selection, suggests this is a “kangaroo court” of cronies and known “friendlies”, not a legitimate process and intended to produce a predetermined outcome.

In brief, we are seeking to understand the selection process and why certain persons were chosen over others. Please sign this petition to tell the NYC Board of Education that we demand transparency from them and WXY Architects. in decision making when it comes to our children’s education, and that all workshops should be delayed until full transparency is provided!