Save P​.​S. 19M!

Save P​.​S. 19M!

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New Chancellor of NYC DOE David Banks and

Why this petition matters

Started by Shirley Penafiel

P.S. 19M has been around for many years.  It’s home to many families that hold it dear to their hearts.  Surrendering our beautiful school and its ample grounds to another school with different values is incredibly saddening.  However, our school, its educators, our community, our families, our children, their educational experience all deserve a fair fight.  Here’s why:

At P.S. 19M we stand for racial, cultural, socio-economic diversity!  We stand for neuro-diversity and our vulnerable demographic!  We stand for our Title 1 status!  We stand for our small class sizes!  We stand for our traditional curriculum!  We stand for free after school!  We stand for our nurturing school environment!  We stand for the parents’ right to choose where our children will be schooled and how!  We stand for all these in unity!  

The previous school that EVCS tried to takeover were also told by the DOE that their decreasing enrollment numbers made them susceptible to a merger or closure.  But they fought for their community and they’re still an up and running school!!   If numbers are threatening our sustainability, lets initiate a recruitment campaign!  Let’s increase our enrollment numbers!  We the parents have a voice, we have a say in where our children will be learning next year and with who!  

Sign this petition to stop this merger!  We need to be thoroughly knowledgeable of the implications of this merge and how it will affect our children and the community. There are other options.  One of them is to fight and resist.  We will not be intimidated or disregarded!  And we will not be persuaded!

Remember, silence is surrendering!  Speak up!



237 have signed. Let’s get to 500!