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Reduce the taxi stand on Queens Blvd in Forest Hills to be on one, not two sides of street

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Can you imagine being kept awake every night, into the wee hours of the morning, by the loud beeping sound of a truck backing up very five minutes, right in front of your building? (Many SUV-type green taxis make that sound whenever they back up into a parking spot.) Or the sound of taxi drivers yelling at each other because one tried to back up in front of another in line? Or the sound of motorists honking because the single lane street in front of your building is blocked by taxis constantly crossing from one side to the other, trying to get in front of each other in line?  This nightmare is happening to hundreds of residents of a co-op building on Queens Blvd whose suffering from the public nuisance of a poorly designed, over-expansive taxi stand has been utterly ignored by the NYC Dept of Transportation.

The taxi stand on Queens Boulevard in Forest Hills, Queens, NYC, is a public nuisance because there are too many taxis, it is in front of a residential building, and the taxis take up both sides of the street (causing congestion and NOISE - including late into the night - from honking and beeping of taxis as they back up into spaces, from the far side of the street to the sidewalk side of the street). 

The solution is simple, and costs next to nothing.  Instead of the taxi stand being on two sides of the street (room for 16 taxis - more than there is EVER demand for, even in a hailstorm), the signs should be changed so that the taxi cab is only on the sidewalk side of the street (still room for 8 taxis).  In fact, making the change would be as easy as changing a street sign.  And it could even make money for the city, by restoring those spaces to paid parking spots.

Many requests along these lines to the NYC Department of Transportation (which has jurisdiction over this matter), as well as complaints to the NYC Taxi and Limousine Commission (which points to the DOT), NYC Dept of Environmental Protection (which does not respond), and local politicians (who point to the DOT), have all been fruitless to get this changed.  The DOT has not even recognized or responded to the request, despite multiple letters, e-mails and phone calls.  If you agree that it is time for the DOT to change this public nuisance in Forest Hills, please sign this petition NOW and make it clear that this affects many people.

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