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EN: We the undersigned, support the expansion of PS 84 to include the 6th - 8th grades and to continue the critical dual language Spanish/French and English education of our District 3 children.

SP: El abajo firmante apoya la ampliación de la escuela PS84, para incorporar los grados 7º y 8º y continuar con la educación de los niños y niñas del Distrito 3, a través de los programas duales Español/Francés e Inglés.

FR: Nous soussignons, supportons l'expansion de PS 84 pour ajouter "6th to 8th grade" (classe de 6eme, 5eme et 4eme) et continuer l'éducation espagnole/française et anglaise bilingue (Dual Language) pour tous les enfants du district 3.


Letter to
NYC Department of Education
I just signed the following petition addressed to: NYC Department of Education.

Expansion of PS84 into a Middle School fro district 3.

PS 84 is home to 3 outstanding programs from K to 5th Grade using the arts to teach and inspire the children to learn. The first program is a traditional English program, the second is a spanish Dual Language program, the third is a French Dual Language Program. In 2013 there will be almost no option for its 5th graders to graduate and continue their education the way they started since Kindergarten, We need PS 84 to expand so it can continue thought 8th grade and to provide an exquisite English, Spanish and French language education to all District 3 children.